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11 Best frugal living tips for saving money

Updated: Feb 15

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The long list of ways to save money and live frugal starts here. Let's GO!!!

1) Cut down eating outside

Every time you eat outside or order food outside, you could be spending anywhere from $20 to $75. Multiply that with many orders every month, it could add up to $500 or even $1000 in eating outside expenditures. Go check your credit or bank card monthly statement and see if this is the case. If so, start making simple recipes at home. It might look a bit tough but habit kicks in and will make it a routine. Save money today and start cooking at home. It is healthy and easier than you might think.

2) Do not shop while you are hungry

Why? because when you're hungry you tend to buy more! Your brain is feeling that hunger and wants something to eat. But you could act on buying more instead of that junk or high priced potato chips just to have a kick out of it. Lesson learned. Go out shopping after you have had a good lunch or dinner. You will see the difference for yourself!

3) Cut down on cable TV

These days all I watch is news and sports and maybe some movies now and then. consider what your TV watching style. These days TV channels are ever-increasing and you pay for only to watch those 1 or 2 channels. Instead cut down on TV and subscribe to internet TV. Just do a google search n internet Tv ad you get deals like "pick your own" TV channels for $15 a month.

4) Get a card and save the change

Some debit cards offer a free-of-charge automatic transfer where they will move the change to your savings account. Let's say you buy milk fr $1.90. This is round to $2 and the 10 cents difference is moved to your savings account. This is useful in that it makes savings automatic and you see the benefit of saving money in the long run.

5) Don't buy books

Why buy books when you have free access to your local library. You pay taxes for them and so you should take advantage of this free public library. Most libraries have online e-books where you can rent the e-books and return it back. Just like a real hardcover library book! They are easy to access and available to read on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

6) Use a debit card and save more

Check your internet, utility, electric, or any other service provider and see if they offer a credit for paying with a debit card. You could save from $10 to $15 by doing this.

7) Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions

Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions can seem to be affordable. But if you could only get anything useful of to them. You can get the same information by googling or doing your own search engine. Moreover these magazines or newspapers are full of advertisement which is fair enough but they tell you the same old information time and again.

8) Sell your car

Do you have two cars for two people in your home? Sell one of them and use one for all travel purposes. It saves you on maintenance, car insurance, and any other expenses related to the car. Better yet, walk to your nearby grocery store if it is at a walkable distance. They could save some money on gas.

9) Thinking of gas expenses

You know gas expenses are high sometimes and you can save on gas using a cashback app like GetUpside. Read my review here.

10) Use cashback app for shopping

Whenever you shop online you could get cashback by using browser extensions that apply promo codes at the checkout automatically for you and see if you can get a discount. Honey for example is a browser extension that gets installed in your browser toolbar.

11) Don't buy food at the theatre

Eat full or pack candy, pop-corn and bring it to the theatre. This saves you a lot of money that you otherwise would spend at the concession stand.

Look out for more ways to save money coming soon...