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Canva Vs Tailwind - Beginners Guide - Are They Same Or Different?

Updated: May 17

Tailwind and canva

In this blog post, some links are affiliate links which means that if you click and purchase a product using those links, I will get a commission that comes are no extra cost to you. I recommend products and services that I have personally used and still use today.

Choosing between Canva and Tailwind is not a tough choice. In fact, both quite go hand in hand together. If you are a beginner Pinterest user, congrats on choosing Pinterest for growing your business whether it be a personal blog or a company. Whatever be your niche, you, as a Pinterest user want to get more traffic. One of the best ways to get Pinterest traffic is to invest in tools that bring more value to your everyday time.

In this blog, I am going to talk about two important tools that every successful Pinterest use and recommend them. You could hire a marketing expert who is an expert SEO guy who charges you $$ every hour of service. But the important thing to do for success with Pinterest is to pin regularly and those must look attractive and of high quality. This is where Tailwind and Canva come in to assist you. They are a genie I would say for me and surely prove the same for you too!

Tool # 1: Tailwind

If you are a beginner or even a quite-sometime-Pinterest-user, you know the value of time. Pinning every day or so is not an easy job. That is why services like Tailwind comes in handy. Click this special link to get a $15 account credit. With Tailwind, you can schedule your pins up to 2 or more months in advance. Just schedule and forget it, Tailwind will do the pinning for you at various times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, late evening, etc..) You can even set your own time!

Watch this video and learn how to use Tailwind for Pinterest to grow traffic:

Tool # 2: Canva

Also, invest in Canva, a super-easy-to-use online pin design tool, which lets you create pin templates. Once you create your first pin, you can reuse that as your template for your future pins. Join Canva today!

You should watch this cool video that tells you all the good things Canva has and makes your Pinning so easy, productive, and effective!


Give Tailwind and Canva a try today and you will glad you did it. These two tools alone made my life that much easier. This also brought me very good impressions. Creating beautiful pins using Canva will definitely increase your click-through rate. You will save hours of manual pinning every week. Creating new pins from Canva template pins is very quick and easy.

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