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4 Easy Side Hustles You Can Do and Earn an Extra $$$/month

Updated: Mar 13

That's right, you don't have to commute, sit in traffic every day and go to work, and get paid.

woman sitting on bed doing surveys

Just get up and get ready with your coffee and start working! Side hustle has become popular these days even among those who have a full-time job. No matter what you do right now, you can pick on these side hustles and get some extra moola.

These side hustles need no big investment and all you need a computer and some free time. Let's dive right into some of the cool ideas to get you started.

1) Take surveys online

I know you are skeptical about this one but let me show you some proof of what I did earn from surveys. These online surveys are worth your time because they pay big bucks!

Yes, if you are honest with your answers and are open-minded to share your thoughts, you have not only rewarded but get to voice your opinion and will shape future products and services.

For example, you can join the 2020 panel and get paid to share your opinion.

survey panel example screenshot

Once you participate and complete the online discussion, you will be rewarded $75 to $150 or even more in some cases. See the proof below where I got rewarded for my opinion.

survey e-gift card rewards email

2) Become an online teacher

If you are someone who loves teaching or helping others in any way and feel good by doing so, then this is a perfect opportunity for you and earn some money while doing so.

For example, is a course provider and you can teach your skills to others. Create a course and offer it Udemy users and earn money for your course! You can turn this side hustle into a full-time job.

If you pretty good at English, you can even become an online English teacher. Teach for kids around the world whose parents are willing to invest time and money in people like you! One example is GoGoKid. There are plenty of others like VIPKid and Ears.

3) Get paid for reviewing books

There are online websites like where you sign up for free. They will send you a book to review and you get paid for your feedback! You will earn $5 to $60 or more for each review.

4) Blogging

If you are willing to put time each day and write about your passion or your niche, you can type in your bed. Yes, blogging has become the most sort after hobby which often has the potential to even become a full-time job. Initially, you need to work on writing your posts to fill up your blog with interesting useful topics.


You can certainly find that a few minutes of free time and pick one of the above ways to earn money. Once you start and do it regularly, you will keep up doing it, all the while helping others and get rewarded as well.

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