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5 Secret Tips For Saving Even More Money

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1) Shopping smart when it comes to food

First off, let me tell you this. Cook food at home and make eating outside the last thing if possible. Cooking at home might seem hard at first. But once you get used to it, it becomes a habit, a routine and that alone could save you hundreds if not thousands every month.

Now, speaking about shopping, do use a cashback like IBotta.

People have lost faith in this cashback since there are many out there and they are just lazy to upload receipts. Don't be a victim of laziness. These cashback apps do work and can save $20 to $50 every month - good for a couple of large pizzas for your weekend! Read my review of some of the popular cash back apps for groceries here.

2) Don't go to the barbershop ever!

Yes, if you can cut your own hair at home, you could be saving anywhere from $15 to $25 every couple of months or every month! Just buy the hair cut at Amazon (I recommend this one) and you could use it for years to come without any issues.

Watch YouTube videos out there (there are many) and you will see how easy it is to learn hair cut and do it for yourself!

The first time it takes a little bit of time (30 mins to 45 mins), but the next time you get better and quicker. This is an especially useful money-saving secret tips if you a student who has just arrived in the US for higher education. This will save you $200 to $300 every year depending on where you live in the US.

3) Check your spending regularly

This might sounds so boring and cliche but you will be surprised how many people check it regularly. Some check once a month or whenever they feel. This is not a good plan. Download the mobile banking app for your bank. Most bank these days offer their free mobile banking app.

Use the PPA to check if every weekend is possible and then set up alerts on the spending threshold. That way, when your bank credit is charged over a particular amount, you get alerted and this helps you go and take a look at it. This helps you to check if it a valid transaction and it is not, you can report it to the bank immediately on time (check how to file a claim - these days it is simple as clicking on that unapproved transaction and hit "report a fraud on this transaction" button or something like that.

4) Use the cashback apps

Whether you are shopping online or offline, cashback apps are one of the best ways to save money - a few dollars at least and that adds up over time. These are the apps to save money.

When shopping online, install the cashback app as browser extensions for your Chrome or Firefox browser.

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The next time you go shopping online using your browser, these cashback browser extensions automatically pop up and remind me of any available coupons that you can apply easily at the check out with a click of your mouse!

Read my detailed review of cashback apps here and some more here.

The same tip applies to offline shopping. When you shop at the retail store or buy at your local grocery shop, you can avail discounts just by scanning your receipts using your smartphone. Simply download popular cashback apps like Rakuten and you can search for deals and discounts using the Rakuten mobile app. Read my review of this app here.

5) Save Hundreds Every Month By Being Frugal

Don't get scared of frugality. Frugality is a way of life where you still enjoy life by buying essential things and stop spending on unwanted things. Need is more important than wants in the long run. Of course, you want to indulge yourself or treat yourself to celebrate your personal victories in life.

At other times, you can follow the frugal way of life and save money. The amount you save by being frugal will amaze you. Read my details blog post on various ideas on saving money the frugal by cutting down on things that you might not need to use anymore or that do not serve you any longer. Read it here.

More Tips

After reading this, you need to also change your attitude towards money in order to even save more money. The attitude of saving money comes with discipline and the readiness to set financial goals. Let's delve deeper into how successful rich people look at money and savings.

To begin with, these rich people or the money-savers don't look at money and success as the same thing. Their mindset is all that makes the difference.

Don't wait. Starting tomorrow or this weekend, follow the steps I am going to share with you that these successful wealthy people do.

1) Make savings an automatic habit

You cannot manually put a few hundred into a saving account every week or every month. Just automate it! Set an amount say $500 or $2000 to be moved from your checking to savings account every month.

That way you are saving automatically and also your checking is now left with lesser money which makes you think frugal. It makes you feel good that you have saved for the future and now you are good to spend what is need than what you wanted.

2) Do you really need it?

From step 1, we discussed things that you need. That is the key. Things that you need are usually very less than you think you want. You might want a luxury car because now you have some money to take a loan. But think twice. Do you really need it? Or you need a sedan that stylish but affordable? Think again when you are in a quiet place.

Watching that fancy TV Ad with nice music might make you feel high and tempted to purchase that fancy car. But in reality, all you need is to save that money. You may not even need a car because you use the metro to go to work which is 10 minutes ways from your apartment or home.

So, have a glass of water, sit down and have a deep breath. Think about what you need right now that will serve you and your purpose rather than being hasty and buying things just to show off or just for that one party night with your friends.

3) Deals are still good

Just because you to a raise at your work or won a lottery, doesn't mean you have to shop blindly or spend money like water.

Rich people look for quality products but they also look for deals. Yes. Pretty simple as that. You want brand items that have quality and the brand name. You should try to shop around, do online research, comparison shopping sites, and looks for deals. Read my 7 Smart Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online.

4) Monitor your spending

In other words, track what you are spending. Look at your credit or bank card statements and see if you are spending on the right things. Set a weekend every month to look at that month's spending and see if you can stop certain spending whether it is buying food or paying for that subscription that you rarely read or watch on TV.


These are some of the creative ways to save money that you can start implementing today! Share these tips with your friends and let us save a little more this year. Every little amount adds up and at the end of the year, you will be glad you have some extra money to spend on your favorite. Even better, buy your loved one on that special gift with the money you have saved.

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