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Best Cashback Apps that reward you money for doing mundane things

Updated: Apr 4

These best cashback apps are worth downloading and reward you a lot of money while you do your everyday routine work. You can save money on gas, save money on groceries, and also save money at Drug stores, Convenience stores, Discount stores & Other Stores!

1) GetUpside

This is an app for earning cashback on gas and food. Use this app to find the participating gas station, for example, a shell gas station. I was able to save 15 cents per gallon and on top of that, I also saved an extra 20 cents from the GetUpside app.

2) Dosh

Download the Dosh App and add at least one credit or debit card to your Dosh account to earn $1 in bonus cash.

3) Rakuten

When you shop online at 2500+ online stores, you can cashback on your purchases using Rakuten. You get paid every three months and also earn a cash bonus when you join and shop. It is completely free. Just install for your browser and you are ready to go online shopping and earn cash back! For a limited time, get a $40 welcome bonus when you spend $40. To get this offer join Rakuten using this special link.

4) Checkout 51

With Checkout51, earning cashback on your gas and groceries is so easy! Just upload your receipt and see the cashback coming effortlessly. You can save at the pump every time at over 5,000 participating gas stations

5) Groupon

Groupon is an online coupon provider where you get deals o everyday items. Using Groupon you can get a 70% or more discount on most items.


These top 5 apps earn you at least $750 every year if you regularly use them. Simply upload receipts and do your routine shopping. Pretty soon you will have enough cash back that you can redeem easily via PayPal or check or e-gift cards. Share your thoughts in the comments about which app you think earned you the most rewards or cashback this year.

Of all the app, the GetUpside app alone will give you an average of $300 in cashback every year. Download now and start with this app and then you will move to other apps at your convenience.