How to remove Global Engine Search From Mac?

Global Engine Search is very intrusive adware that affects both Windows and Mac. Once it gets into your computer, it changes the default search engine and sets up its own search engine.

Typically it changes the default Google or Bing to Yahoo search engine. Every time you do a search, it hijacks the search and redirects the search to its own search URL, and finally brings you back to the Yahoo search results page. This is annoying at least the behavior I mentioned happens on my Mac.

But there is a way to get rid of this ugly adware GlobalEngineSearch in Mac. Let’s dive in a see the steps to remove it from your Mac.

Steps to remove Global Engine Search Mac

You can follow these steps to remove the Global Engine Search in Mac. That annoying extension is sure to be deleted. These are the steps to follow in order to remove it from your Mac Chrome browser.

Step 1:

Go to System Preferences:
Click on the profiles as shown here in the screenshot below:

System Preferences in Mac showing profiles

Step 2: Find the Global Engine Search profile

Select GlobalEngineSearch from the list of profiles on the left-hand side.

Step 3:

Click Remove to remove the GlobalEngineSearch. Glad you did that. Now restart your Chrome browser. In my case, it worked as soon as I removed it without even restarting my Chrome. To test if your removal was successful, go to and search for something. Your google search results should be displayed properly now without redirecting your o global search results.

Remove global engine search mac confirmation dialog window in macbook


Now that you know how to get rid of global engine search from your Mac computer, you should know 2 things. The first thing is to make sure you install an anti-malware tool to scan and report this kind of adware.

Second, you should be careful to installing any software or visiting any sites. Double check for any file download pop-up or click-bait. Check it before you click on them. Stay safe and comment on how you ended up seeing this adware Global Engine Search on your Mac or Windows.

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