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COVID-19 - 3 Things You Should Plan Ahead - Right Now!

Updated: Apr 30

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Top Three Things You Should Plan Ahead - Right Now!

1) Gas

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Yes, once we get over COVID-19 in the early part of 2021 hopefully, guess what you want to do first? Get out of your home and take a short road trip or you will want to travel to some cool destination. Now, with the whole country or better yet the whole world trying to escape from their boredom 2020 staycation, you will need to fill up your car or SUV and go somewhere. Somewhere you can socialize or just hang out along a beach.

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Gas prices going to raise? Probably, but not crazy like $4 or $5 per gallon. So what is the best thing you can do? Download an app like GetUpside that is the best cashback app for saving on gas. You can earn at least $1 for every 8 gallons of gas you fill-up every time! Let's say you filled up a total of 100 gallons for the entire road trip. You could have earned $15 to $30 in cashback. See this blog post on how to use this GetUpside app and the ways to redeem the cashback.

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2) Flight Tickets

If you are that type who just don't settle with a local road trip to the beach, you certainly will love to book a flight ticket and escape to that dream island. But wait. Now that COVID-19 is over, the rest of the travel-lovers in the country would also love to book a flight ticket and escape to their favorite vacation place.

So, what you can do right now is start thinking and planning about what is the appropriate time for you to book flight tickets. Make sure you add trip-protection to have that comfort of worry-free cancellation just in case if something changes. Go ahead and contact your travel agency and get an expert opinion of how things look like in the travel booking world. Are people booking early? Are costs going higher if you wait and book in 2021? Is that a temporary congestion and will come back to normal in the later part of 2021?

3) Home Improvement

How about some home improvement in 2021? Well, it should well depending on how big your home improvement project is going to be. If it is a popular thing like kitchen remodeling or hard-wood floor installation, plan ahead. Do it now if you are sure you will keep a safe environment for workers and for yourself by following guidelines for COVID-19.

If you are planning to do it in 2021, better call ahead and schedule it now while you still have dates and availability for such appointments.

Everyday things such as toiler paper, etc… are going to get expen too. Well, read this for more details:

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