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Pinterest - Avoid These 4 Myths & Increase Traffic!

Updated: Mar 10

As a Pinterest user and you are putting your hard-earned time and money to fulfill your dream of getting that awesome traffic to your blog website. Sure, you do a Google search and find tips and tricks.

The are several myths that I came to know the hard way. Here are the myths I busted while trying them.

1) Follow others to grow traffic

As a beginner, you need to start collaborating with others with a similar niche as yours. But first, define what is your niche. More importantly, follow only those who have similar or close to your niche is. Do not simply follow anyone who follows you.

Let's say your niche is home decor. Just because someone with cooking as their niche followed you, doesn't you immediately follow theirs. Take a moment and see their board. Does it really have a one sub-board at least that closely matches your niche?

So, basically what I found out is that just having 100s or 1000s of followers does not help grow your traffic. It all boils down to your pin. Yes. your pin. Your pin's image, the text on it, the description, the image background color, the picture on the pin, etc...

2) Put on a colorful Pin with an image and message.

Pins come in different sizes and yes Pinterest won't deny your small Pin or that crazy 16:9 square Pin.

So, here is what you should really do when it comes to uploading your Pin. Make sure they satisfy the following:

  • Pins should be 2:3, 3:4 or 1:1 (most Pins you see in Pinterest are 2:3)

  • Upload high-quality images (use free image sites such as and others).

3) Add your site's URL in the image

Although, you might be tempted to do this, adding your site's URL doesn't matter to your viewers. If your Pin is good, they will click on it and since you are a verified business owner you don't need to add a URL to your images.

4) Put as much information as possible in the title and description.

Remember, a big paragraph of information is not going to get more impression. Quality vs quantity is really the key. Use a brief title, do not type a long sentence that is 15 or 20 words.

Have you seen Pins in your home feed or in the search results? Look at the title. They don't span more than two lines. Anything more than two lines is shown as dots. That is why the two-line quality sentence should be good enough to make the user click on it and want to know more about your Pin.

The same tip goes for your description too. Don't put in a big paragraph just to fill up the space. I have seen some using a paragraph full of hashtags and some have it joined inside their text making it difficult to read.

Two sentences should be quite enough to explain your pin. The more info you provide might stop the user from visiting your site and not learn more! Make it brief and try to entice the user to go to your site to learn more. You don't the user get all the details and then make their decision even before visiting your site. Once they are on your site, you can show them more detail and take them to other pages to learn even more!


Your Pins are your entry door to your site. A good Pin will flood your site with loads of traffic. There is no end to a more effective Pin. Always feel free to experiment with bright colors, various aspect ratios, and different styles of words in your Pins.

If you find this useful, feel free to share it with your friends on social media and also Pin it if you want to do so. Remember, a well-thought-out Pin could be that one Pin that will create a ripple effect on your other Pins and eventually be an attractive board your followers can follow. Happy Pinning!