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Money Saver Challenge - Save $100 in 7 days!

money saving challenge

"Where there is a will, there is a way" - true indeed and all it takes is a little effort so small but adds up over a week. Yes, you can save $100 in your first week. Don't take it as a pain but it is a challenge that I am going to list out. Let's go.

Day1: Look around and cut down

I am serious. If you are in the living room or in the kitchen, look around. See a landline phone or a cable TV both of which you are no longer using anymore. A take-out order that you made last night? If you said yes to anything of these or similar, then it is time to cut that landline because you now have a cellphone or smartphone.

You could cut that cable because you are no longer watching channels anywhere and just need an antenna to get the local news. That antenna these days are powerful enough to bring you 40 or more HD quality local channels. If you do this, you save $20 to $30 every week!!

Day 2: Use cashback on everything including gas!

Yes, most people don't believe in cashback. But wait. Cashback apps and browser extensions do work! For example, Ibotta earns you cashback on everyday purchases. So start your grocery shopping and stop eating out. Cooking will be your second nature if you keep cooking at home for a week.

There are many cashback apps that are worth downloading. Check it out! Try this free mobile app called GetUpside (read my review here) which earns you cash back on gas up to 20 cents/gal. You can earn $400 every year on one vehicle you own. Every time you go fill-up gas, upload your receipt and earn at least $2 in cash back. Also, you can get cash back on anything buy at that same gas station!

Day3: Autopay everything

Update your payment and enable autopay. You might not know this. But most companies give you $10 credit on your monthly bill just for enabling autopay! Cellphone bill internet bill or utility bill, autopay is a win-win for you and the service provider.

Day 4: Learn to do these things yourself

Buy a hair-cut kit and cut your hair at home. Small home repairs like nail-pops, worn-out wood, etc.. or car repairs like oil change are easier than you think. Just go to YouTube do a "DIY ____" fill in the blank with what you want to do. Viola! You can a step-by-step instructional follow-along video that you watch for free and do it yourself while saving some money! You can get more details here on DIY frugal car tips.

Day 5: Make savings automatic

You got to put savings automatically. You can do that by using a bank like Bank of America that

Day 6: Search and save:

Save on car insurance by using search engines like Gabi and save hundreds each year.

Day 7: Side hustles are your friend

Use few minutes every day to do some easy side hustle and earn some extra money! I will show you how here in this blog post.


Saving is easy when you start small and then the habit takes over to reward you even more in the long run. This 7-day challenge will be a great savings starter. You will be glad you did.

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