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Beginners Guide to using Honey browser extension: Complete review

Updated: Feb 15

Honey browser extension screenshot

Join Honey Today!

Stop searching for coupons. Just install the Honey browser toolbar add-on and you are good to go online shopping and Honey will alert you for coupons for you! This is much better than manually searching for coupons using a site like RetailmeNot.

You can search for coupons on your favorite sites, track prices, earn rewards with this browser extension. When you shop online, Honey automatically searches coupons for you and applies the best one to your cart! You earn Honey points and redeem them for gift cards. It is called Honey Gold and it is their rewards program where you can earn Gold towards gift cards of your choice.

Honey extension showing a deal

The cool thing about Honey is that you can simply add items to your drop list or wish list and Honey will notify you whenever there's a lower price. You will never miss a sale that way. After you join Honey, you can refer people too which means more deals and rewards all around.

See this screenshot of my Honey reward (400 points) I got when shopped for $10 at the AT&T site with the Honey app installed for my chrome browser. Once you reach 1000 points, you can redeem those points for $10 as a gift card. The Honey browser extension works fine in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

Screenshot of Honey extension redeem cashback

Honey browser extension has the following features you will love!

1) First of all it is easy to install (one-time installation) and very simple to use

2) It finds coupons automatically for you depending on which site you are shopping.

3) If you are shopping on Amazon, it knows if a price dropped recently and alerts you. It tracks prices over time and alerts you when a price drops!

My personal experience is that it was very easy to use and finds all possible coupons that you let Honey try it automatically when you checkout. Sometimes I might see coupons but they don't work when I try to use them during checkout. But most of the time I do find coupons even they are small discounts.


Honey is certainly a must-have app if you are a frequent online shopper at major retailer websites. I have saved hundreds of dollars and redeemed many $10 gift cards over the past 2 years. It is worth downloading.

Join Honey today!