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One Tip Saves You From Bad Breath

Updated: Feb 22

man brushing his teeth in front of mirror

Secret To Fresh Breath Revealed! No more bad breath!

An easy quick step will save you from bad breath! Yes, it is quick and easy! FLOSSING, RINSING, and BRUSHING are not enough.

Even after you clean your teeth and floss and also doing the mouth wash is not enough. What is the cause of bad breath? It is the bacteria that live in your uncleaned tongue. Yes, the bad breath comes from that area of your tongue where food gets deposited. This is my personal experience and you can try it for yourself at home.

You need to CLEAN YOUR TONGUE preferably after every meal or at least before going to bed. Tongue cleaning is also known as tongue scraping or tongue brushing. Clean your tongue for a week and see the difference you notice in your breadth. It is a totally different and fresh feeling overall!

Watch this video where I have explained in detail why we have bad breath even though you floss and brush twice a day.

What Tongue Cleaner To Buy And Where

You should buy one of these tongue cleaners for you and your family:

tongue cleaner

They come in plastic as well as Stainless Steel types. Both are good and it is up to your preference. A popular plastic tongue cleaner is the Orabrush Tongue Scraper. Click here to buy the plastic version

A popular Stainless steel version is also a good choice if you like steel. It does not matter whether you use plastic or metal - both do a good job of tongue cleaning.

How Often You Should Clean Your Tongue?

Preferably you should clean your tongue after every meal or snack. If you cannot afford to do that at least clean twice daily once in the morning and in the evening. A simple rule is to clean your tongue whenever you have a foul smell. Another simple way to remind yourself is to clean your tongue after you brush your teeth.

Health Benefits of brushing your tongue

Brushing (cleaning) your tongue regularly prevents the following dental issues:

1) It eliminates harmful bacteria that cause foul or bad smell.

2) Avoids accumulation of germs that cause periodontal disease.

3) Helps your sense of taste (distinguish bitter, sweet, salty, and sour sensations).

4) Overall health is improved as a result of good dental hygiene (most health problems are a side effect of bad dental health)

There is no rule that says you have to replace your tongue cleaner every 3 or 4 months. One thing to keep in mind is to replace it as soon as you feel rough edges or worn out areas. These cause cut or harm your tongue while you use a worn-out tongue cleaner.


Along with brushing and flossing, do use a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth and you will have a very good breadth and overall body health.