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Driving slow saves you on fuel - There's a better way!

Updated: Jun 4

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Driving slow - does it help save on gas and money?

If you are like me who takes their car every day to work and has to fill up the gas tank every week, you might be wondering "how can I save on gas?". Driving slow means driving at posted speed and there is more to it

There are many ways you can save on gas for your car or whatever gasoline vehicle you own and drive. Here’s a popular tip. But keep reading. I will share with you a golden tip on how to save on gas not only by driving slowly but also earn cashback on gas and thereby not to worry about other things and enjoy your driving worry-free.

Do not speed your car trying to get past the yellow light. Doing so can save you a minute but it really makes you go fast and consumes a lot of fuel eventually. Speed driving is the major of accidents (Source:

Your car's engine works less when you drive slow. But slow driving takes more time to reach your destination and that is not good too. You need to drive at the sweet spot. For best engine performance, always make sure you are driving less than 55 miles per hour. Anything faster than that is going to make your car engine work harder. It sounds crazy but very true.

Fuel-efficient driving techniques

You can read the whole results of the research here but I don't want you to spend time reading the 30+ page report of how slow driving techniques helps drivers save on gas.

Are you tired of reading these tips and screaming inside your brain like, "I do not want to follow these - I just want to know how I can save on gas instantly and easily."?

Well, you can save on gas not only driving slow but combine this with other ways! There are alternatives like getting cheaper gas prices.

Apps like GetUpside give you cashback on gasoline purchases in the US. Yes! Earn up to 20 cents per gallon or more at gas pumps across the United States. Ready mt full of this app here. Click this promotional link to download this GetUpside app (this is a GetUpside promotional link) and get an extra 45 cents/gallon bonus.

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