How To Save Money On Gas – Reddit Tips Plus A Bonus Tip!

Image showing gas station to save money on gas

You might be searching n Reddit to find out how to save money on gas. I will share the top tips I found and also a bonus tip that is often missed in these Reddit discussions.

By the way, you must read my post on cashback apps that are the very out there to save on gas.

Let’s jump and get you the best tips for having money on gas.

Reddit tips to save money on gas

Reddit users share many great tips. My own personal experience has proved that my tips will help you save more on gas.

My experience with saving on gas is simply to use a gas-saving app like Upside. Now, let’s the other ways and tips to save on gas purchases.

Following are top Reddit tips.

  • Use a gas cashback app such as Upside, Mudflap, or Gas Buddy
  • Make sure your tires are at the right pressure.
  • Use cruise control
  • Get your tires aligned 
  • Buy gas at Costco using a rewards program
  • Don’t load your car with unnecessary stuff like bikes, sports equipment, pillows, etc. Lightweight vehicles east less fuel.
  • Don’t accelerate toward red lights
  • If you’re stuck in traffic, try to crawl at a consistently low speed instead of constantly stopping and starting again 
  • Try to commute at lower-traffic times
  • Check and see if your grocery store offers a loyalty card with fuel points
  • Drive in a way that uses the brakes (including engine braking) as sparingly as possible.

Be sure to check out tips on the fuel economy site where they might put a new idea to save on gas that you never knew.


These Reddit tips I found online are the best as you can see. But you should remember that using a cashback app is the proven way to save the most money on gas.

Why not get cash back and use that to get a free coffee or some other treat for yourself?

It takes a habit to follow some tips offered here. Once it becomes your second nature, you will surely be proud of how much you saved and set an example to others too.