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2021 Best Cashback App for drivers - Beginner's Guide & Review

Updated: Apr 9

Gas station showing fuel pump for gasoline

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You own a vehicle and you fill up gas every week. It does not matter where you go to fill up gas, gas stations across the US offer more or less the same price.

First, let me tell the hassles you and I go through in order to get cheap gas:

1) Search for the cheapest nearby gas station

You Google or use that app to find nearby gas stations with a lower price per gallon of gas. But yeah you find that they offer 5 or 10 cents less than others but they require you to pay with cash to get that reduced price.

Nobody wants to pay by cash when you and I have credit cards. Credit cards that give points every time we spend!

2) Fill-up regular fuel

Regular unleaded is fine if your vehicle is suited. This is the lowest price gas that most drivers can afford. If your car manual recommends Premium gasoline, you have no choice, except if you ok with going with Regular and be fine with it. This is true especially if you have a luxury line of car or a mid-level/entry-level luxury vehicle.

3) Buy Fuel rewards credit card

Fuel companies offer cashback deals when buying gas t gas station. For example, Shell fuel rewards credit card offers cash back on gas every time you use that card for your gas purchases. Again, nobody wants another credit card when they have a wallet that has 2 or 3 cards.

4) Grocery points

Recently, a lot of local grocery stores such as HarrsiTeeter offer points when you grocery at their stores. Say, you buy $25 of grocery, you will get 500 points which equals to 5 cents cash back for every gallon on your next purchase. Again, here, why go buy groceries in order to get points. What if you buy food outside and never buy that much grocery to get that gas points.




Benefits and features of using GetUpside:

  1. Get up to 25 cents per gallon in cashback ( I earn $350 in cashback every year using this app)

  2. It's free (of course!)

  3. Redeem your earned cashback as PayPal or your favorite store gift card (Target, Starbucks, HomeDepot, Walmart, and many more!)

  4. No need to apply for a credit card - just use this app and get cheap gas

  5. Find nearby gas station


If you are a regular vehicle owner who commutes to work daily or if you are a professional driver who drives a truck or any gasoline vehicle or if you are a Uber/Lyft driver, you will find huge cashback earnings on gas every year. A typical driver saves $400 per year. That double or triples for professional drivers! That means a cashback of $1000 or more that you can redeem every year using this app. Stop searching for the low gas prices and just download this app right now using this promotional link and get a 45c/gal bonus. Then earn cashback forever anywhere from $3 to $10 every t time you fill your car, van, or truck at the gas pump.

GetUpside is a sure way to get cashback and save on gas. This is the best alternative to all the hassles one has to go through to find cheap gas. Download GetUpside and start earning savings on gas today!

Click here to download GetUpside - get cheap gas - earn cashback.

(If you are clicking the download link from the desktop you will be taken to a page where you will need to give your smartphone number. You will then get the link to download this app.)

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