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How To Save $200 Or More Every Month!

Updated: Mar 13

Piggy bank photo - saving money every month

Ready for this money-saving challenge? A simple one - don't worry. These are the "easy to implement everyday habits" that save you money in the long run. Don't let your money go out the window just by pure ignorance. I will show you where you lose money and how to put an end to that little money that leaks out the window every month!

Surprising but true and most of it all we don't realize until we sit and spend a few minutes to go over where we spend.

The following is the list of potential areas you could be spending unnecessary money.

1) Revisit essential services

We pay for essential services such as car, home insurance, internet, and several others. Reexamine your monthly payments one at a time. Take TV for example. Do you still watch TV regularly? Do you spend most of the time getting information online and watch videos on Netflix or Youtube?

If that is true, it is time to cut your cable and switch to services like Sling or YouTube TV where you can get a customized TV channel or a subset of channels that you regularly love to watch like sports channels or news channels. Switching to online Tv saves you anywhere from 20 to 50%. It will always be less than your traditional cable TV.

Upgrade your internet speed and cut your cable.

This is just one example. Find out other areas where your users have come down.

2) Update your profile and possibly downgrade

You may be driving less. Call your insurance company and update your miles drive per year. It will make your monthly premium come down by $10 to $50!

3) Monthly subscription services

Go through a list of monthly subscription services you have. Do you all of them or have too many of them? Do you use Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, Canva, Tailwind especially if you are a Pinterest user? Cancel some of these. For example, your kids have grown up now and don't watch Disney+ anymore. They now watch ESPN+ or Netflix nowadays.

4) Still need the landline?

Everyone has a mobile phone if not a smartphone. If so do you still pay and use for landline. You might need to rethink and see if you can remove that landline from your monthly service. This alone saves you anywhere from $15 to $50 every month

5) Anything used less should be reevaluated

Are you not using your car that much? If yes, think about all the paid services associated with your car. It can be satellite radio that you no longer listen to, your car insurance which might not need that high deductible because it is old,


Going through your credit card bills is another way to sort out what you use and what you don't use anymore. Set a time every now and then to filter out anything that is unused or not longer applicable. Spending less is also a way of saving!!

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