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How To Make Money As A Kid | 6 -16 yrs | 10 Practical Ways

Updated: Jul 8

No matter what is your kid's age is (12 years or 7 years or 10 years old - all ages are welcome). If your kid can read and write well enough and have interest in some work that they are willing to put in and do every day, there are some awesome ways to make some extra pocket money or to put into that piggy bank for college savings and whatnot.

Those were the days in the early 70s and 80s or even 90s when the internet was not available to everyone or no internet at all. Kids nowadays have the technology with the power internet connecting virtually everything, the opportunity to make money online and offline is right in their home! FOr instance, doing online fun surveys or playing games using SwagBucks can earn them points that they can redeem for an e-gift card or cash via PayPal.

Teaching money to kids is an essential part of their youth where they should understand the value of it and how to keep that earned money to put to good use. A couple of clicks on YouTube can show you good videos on how to teach your kids the importance of money.

Besides that earning money creates a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and most importantly a feeling of a self-dependent, self-confident person who can earn money and then know how to earn it when they need it in the future.

Teaching kids the art of earning money - yes, it is an art in a way that they have to be creative in this world to get the attention of others and sell their product tr service. When it comes to chores and household, kids should be taught on doing those things and also learn how to make money doing simple things that look almost like house chores.

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Kids can earn some extra cash online or offline during their spare time. As parents, you can always help and guide them if the tasks seem boring or daunting at first. Once they used a hang of it, they can do it without effort the next time.

Does your kids or kid have some spare time? Just you might have thought, time is money as they say, so, here are the simple but practical ways to earn extra cash doing things online and offline that bring in money.

If they are too young like in 1st or 2nd grade, you can begin by teaching them the fundamentals about money and understand its value before getting started.

10 ways Kids can earn money

There are two ways - offline and online. Let's see both ways your kid can make some good money.

Make money offline at home

1) Car Wash

Turn your driveway into a car wash for your neighborhood! All that work is a good workout while making some extra cash.

2) Sell Stuff

You guessed it - Garage Sale! Unused toys, books, or anything you kids don't use anymore. Maybe that stroller in the garage is no longer suitable since your kid is now grown up.

3)Yard work during summer

During summer or anytime, your kid if he/she is grown up enough, can do some yardwork for your neighbors and mean money. They can use your household yard equipment and help neighbors doing little yard work.

4) Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow during is a cool way to earn some extra bucks. Your kid will not only get earn money but also get the needed workout.

5) Walk dogs

Kids in general love dogs. Why not walk your neighbor's dog for some money in return. A nice time with their best friend and extra money can go a long way.

Make money online

6) Take Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is a great online survey site where one can start earning points for taking surveys. Once you get 500 points you can redeem $5 and so on get higher rewards for more points that you accumulate over time.

7) Start A Blog

Yes, once you set up the site, your kid can share their thoughts on anything topic they are interested in. Make sure they are at least the age of 7 or more when they can write well enough and use the computer keyboard, type on their own. Of course, check the content and advise them not to use private information like home addresses, real names in their posts.

8) Get paid for testing

Yes, TesterWork and UberTesters are good sites that pay for testing apps and websites. Your kid can test game apps, sites, and more and get more extra pocket money.

9) Be a YouTuber

Yes, your kid can post some cool videos about anything interesting - may it be a frog jumping in your backyard, or a nice origami that he/she wants to show off. Posting videos in the longs run gains subscribers and once you have enough subscribers and watch time, your kid's YouTube channel will be eligible for monetization and can start earning money from ads that are displayed during the video.

This is a great way especially if your kid likes to shot videos using a smartphone. In the long, this will be only a growing thing; more subscribers, more money and it will certainly prove to be a great part-time or a full-time job.

10) Sell Stuff Online

Earn money by selling stuff online. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark, and Amazon are some sites where you can list your kid's stuff for sale. My personal favorite is Amazon Click here to learn how to enroll as an Amazon Seller; it's pretty easy to set up.

What to do with all the extra money?

Buy your kid(s) a savings debit card and let them learn earning, spending, saving, giving, and investing. Greenlight is a good service that you should definitely take look at if you are interested.

Teaching money habits to kids:

Do you know that money habits are set by age 7? Today is the day to start teaching your kids the value of a dollar.

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