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Quality Blog Posts - 3 Must-Know Writing Tips

Updated: Mar 16

When I first started my blog, I was enjoying writing topics that came to my mind readily. I somehow found time to write to blog in one sitting. Then, as days went by, my interest in blogging was staying alive but I was looking for topics, and then I found nothing.

If you are like me, you want help and you came to the right place. I will show you how I got out of the boredom and started finding interesting topics and the discipline to write frequently. Let's dive in right away without any more delay.

Stick to a routine

First, you got to avoid telling yourself, "I have no time". Even though it might seem true, take a moment and think about how you spend your day. To be a regular blogger you need to have a routine.

Whether you are a morning person or a late-night person, pick a time. Especially night times are quiet and so do early mornings. Set time even for 30 minutes and make it a point to finish writing a blog post. Your ideas flow easily in the early mornings after a workout? Blog it during that time. Initially, it might need some push but think of the end goal of your blog filled with quality content driving customers to your posts. That's it! Then habit will take control and you will be blogging regularly without any effort.

Topic to blog about are easier than you think

Create a category for your blog, I mean not that menu but a variety of titles like:

  • How to

  • Ways to

  • My view on

  • Review of

  • How not to

Think of how you can fit these title starter into your category and you will end up a lof to topics. Jot those down in a notepad because you don't want to lose those ideas. You can even note down like 10 or 20 topics to write for next or even next two weeks in advance. You can also use online sites like Buzzsumo where you can search for a keyword for your blog niche and it will find you a list of related topics.

Get the most of your mood

If your creative juices are flowing on a fine early morning, make a point to write more than one lob post. This way, you feel effortless writing several blog in one sitting and that tasks won't seem tiring. This is because when your mind is in sync with your feeling, you tend to commit more time easily. So if you want to spend an hour writing many topics, be it so. It does not have to be a strict 30-minute commitment.

No Rush

When you are starting a new site for blogging, you will need to start somewhere. But that does not mean rushing to push more posts every day without being mindful of the blog content. The more thoughtful you write, the more quality it gains automatically because you wrote it with your care and purpose. You will eventually create a routine like I mentioned before and make your blogging more colorful and effortless.

Start out writing one post every week, then after a while write more than one on some weeks. If you can hire people to write for your blog, it's fine. Otherwise, you should do it at your own pace and without rush initially which will produce quality content. remember "quality not quantity" mantra. It always pays you in the long run.


No matter what is your blog niche and more matter if it is a hobby or your full-time job, quality comes over time. Practice makes perfect and that perfection does not need to come in a month or two. Keep writing and keep improving. Get feedback for others and note down the tips and incorporate that in your next post.