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Get YouTube Premium Forever For Free For Life!

Updated: 5 days ago

YouTube Premium Trial sign up in YouTube App

If you are a smartphone user and watch YouTube of course on it, chances are you need YouTube Premium. You can get a free trial but it last only a month or so. That most useful feature of getting premium is that it allows you to play a video in the background while you can do other things like browsing the internet, reading a book, checking/writing e-mails, and so on.

But the free trial lasts only for a month or if you are lucky you get a 3 month YouTube Premium free trial. What will you do after the trial period ends? You are downgraded back to a normal non-premium YouTube account.

What if I tell you a trick I use to keep my trial extend for another month!!

Here' what you do:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone

  2. Login to your Google Gmail account.

  3. Sign up for YouTube Premium free trial.

  4. Pay with Paypal and not using a credit card (Yes, this trick works only for PayPal method of payment)

  5. ok so you have signed up for a 1-month or 3-month trial

  6. Remember to cancel the free trial immediately after sign up. That way you are not charged automatically after the free trial ends.

After the trial ends, do the following to get another month of free trial of YouTube premium

  1. As soon as the trial period ends, you will see the YouTube Premium log not there anymore which means you are downgraded to a normal YouTube account.

  2. Now, log out of your YouTube account in the YouTube app.

  3. Sign in with a different Gmail account.

  4. Repeat the steps 1 to 5 as mentioned above and activate a free trial for 1 month of YouTube Premium!!

  5. That's it! You now have another month's YouTube Premium!

  6. Remember to cancel the free trial immediately after sign up. That way you are not charged automatically after the free trial ends.

The only burden for you is to create a new Gmail account and use that and sign up for a free trial again.

In a year, you need to create 12 new Gmail accounts and sign up for a 1-month free trial.

I have done it only once or twice but got tired of it. But hey you are getting a 1-month free trial !! It is worth it if you are willing to create another Gmail account and sign u with a new Gmail account in the YouTube app.

Let me know if you are ready to do this every month. I guess most people will not do this but once in a while if you like to use this trick, go ahead and use it and get a free 1 -month trial with another Gmail account.

Sometimes this might not work if you sign up for a free trial from inside the YouTube app. If so, try to login to using your browser and then sign up there. Now, come back to YouTube app and login with your new Gmail account using which you just signed for a 1-moth free trial!!

Is YouTube Premium is affordable and is it worth it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment you like this trick and have successfully tried it.

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