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How To Achieve Goals With Journaling

Updated: Mar 13

Every day we get up, check emails, eat, do the things we do and then go to bed. Take a look at your past week. You have done a list of things each day. Sure, you started and completed the first thing, if you are lucky. Then you see that email on your smartphone and start reading it, replying to it. Then you see another email that tempts you to read because it talks about "how to get your goals achieved in life by following these 10 easy steps".

Sure enough, it's time to hit the road to work. So the day goes and when you come home, you still needed inspiration to do something productive. You're tired and watch some TV and go to bed.

Do you see the missing inspiration that escapes your mind somehow because of all that distractions or all that 101 things you want to do?

In this blog post, I will reveal the single most proven and powerful habit that kick start a disciplined life which in turn produces a ripple effect of successes.

The one powerful habit that bring your success guaranteed is journaling. There are well-proven benefits of journaling.

What is Journaling and how it will benefit you?

Journaling is nothing but writing. Writing your thoughts, ideas, and anything you like to note down and you write it in a notepad, anything that looks like a diary. Simply put journaling or diary is your personal notebook where you jot down whatever you wish to note it down.

However, there is a difference between a diary and a journal. Diary is where you record events just like noting a list of things or events as they occur each day or on a particular day. On the other hand, a journal is your personal notebook where you write your ideas, your feelings, and anything on your mind that is creative, or explorative in nature. It is very well your future goals and the plans or steps you like to take to achieve that goal.

For example, in a diary, you will note down the meetings that you will attend at the office tomorrow. In a journal, you will note your career purpose or goals, your ideas that you want to try at your office project, and note down your thoughts about how it will happen and so forth.

The number one benefit that applies to everyone is that journaling definitely will help you achieve your goals.

Benefits of journaling daily

There are many other benefits as following:

Capturing ideas before you forget them

Put your ideas down so that they don't disappear in thin air. Yes, most good ideas never implemented just because they get washed away by our busy lives and we never know what happened to them. Unless you note it down in your journal and look back at it and note down some thoughts or sites toward implementing that ideas may be or just expand that idea to think about how to apply that idea for your situation at workplace, etc... Take the journal book with you and note down ideas as they come to your mind.

Helps you be more creative

When you note down your thoughts in a journal, it makes the flow to begin. You write a thought and your brain automatically thinks in various ways slowly. Like you begin at what you wrote and begin wondering the outcome of it when applied in real life. Then, you revise or add a little detail and soon enough, you have a creative idea fully detailed and ready to take the next steps.

Boosts Memory

Journaling helps you look back and track your progress as well. This makes your thoughts come together putting the past and the present notes and ideas. Your memory improves since you look back at your previous notes and then it all connects together.

The simple habit of writing itself has proven to improve memory because writing reinforces what you thought and it helps to retain what you wrote for a longer period of time.


When you glance at the previous writings in your journal, you certainly get the enjoyment of your looking back at your past months or days and feel good since you have come along way.

Now that we know the benefits of journaling, let's see how it can help you achieve your goals for sure.

Step 1:

Do write down your goals for the year to being with. You can have 20 goals but that's ok. To really be successful, you should have only a handful of goals, three to five goals are a good start.

Step 2:

Now think and write a plan on how to achieve a specific goal and write down the time you set to achieve it. For example, "I want to finish all the piano tutorials and be a good piano player by the end of this year".

Step 3:

Get up every day and do the journaling as your first thing to do. Write down anything that comes to your mind. Those can be ideas or plans to set to achieve your goal. For the piano example, you might write, "play piano for 15 minutes at least today" or "I am going to find a good piano teacher today", "I am going to research or ask my friends to see if I can find a piano teacher". Then write more about what app you are going to use or what piano class you are going to go to take piano lessons.

Step 4:

Develop this routine before you go to bed. Look at your journal notes for that day or even reflect on your day just a few minutes before you go to bed. This is needed so you can reflect on what you did today and write down how you could have done a thing better or how could have done an ask differently or handled differently that would have made the day productive.

Then think about a list of things you are planning to do the next day. Write it down because you can look back the next day for reflection. Note down any questions you might have. Asking questions like " I read this book on so and so. What issues in my workplace I can apply this principle that I just read today?". Even open-ended questions like, "How can I improve a particular process in my business to workplace?". Writing down or just asking yourself before going to bed is good. This is because your subconscious mind goes to work figuring out the answers for there! Unbelievable but it works. Your subconscious mind takes all that you learned or experience until this point in life and processes it effortlessly while you are sleeping.

Whatever your goals, your subconscious knows it and gives you hunches or hints if you like to properly you in the right direction. Repeat these steps mentioned above for a few weeks until it becomes a habit.


This is the essence. Prioritize your goals. Do the journaling as mentioned in the steps above.

Refine. Modify your plans if they are working and try out differently the next day.

Come back every night and reflect.

Get up every morning and write down that day's thing to do that align with your goals.

Most importantly set a timeline for something "before this year" or "before this summer" and journal your progress.

You might miss deadlines for some goals but definitely, you have achieved your goals and at least progress a lot.

As an added bonus, you will improve yourself along the way. Reflecting on your journal and tweaking your plan to better do a work or do a thing differently or avoiding the thing that don't align with your goals will improve at some sutle but big levels in your overall personality as you look back say a month ago or a year ago.

Finally, you will not only cherish your goals but also look back at your journal you have written in the previous year as memorable notes you can look back and be proud of how far you come. Start journaling today and see the benefits for yourself within the first week!

Do read this great article that by Benjamin Hardy here. that inspired me to write this blog post.