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How To Change The Default Author Name in Microsoft Word

Updated: Apr 3

If you have Microsoft Word and would like to change the default Authur/username and initials, this is how you do. When you change it, it will be a permanent one-time change! Let's see this in action step by step.

Step 1

Open any file and click advanced options (Microsoft Office 365 shown here).

If you are using another version of Microsft word, it will be almost the same. Go to File>Options or View>Option.

Step 2

Find the General settings. Here you will see the User name and Initials. Enter your own desired name and I initial to you can leave them empty. Then, check the box that says "Always use these values regardless of sign in to office."

Step 3

Here you can see the username and Initials. Now TYpe in your desired text here and click ok. That's all!

Now, you can create a new word document and when you save it you will the settings take effect as shown here. Right-click on your saved file and click properties. You will now see your desired username and initials details.

Note: You can also delete this Author's information completely if you are concerned about your privacy.


Changing the default Author or username if you will, is very easy as you learned it in this post. Subscribe to my blog and get more tips on Windows, Mac, Microsoft products, and general computer tips.