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Best WiFi Extender And It Has Parental Controls Too!

Updated: 2 days ago

Product Name: Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25)

WiFi Extender

Click here to go to the Google Wi-Fi Extender product page and read the awesome 4+ star reviews.

I personally purchased the 3-pack Google WiFi extender for my home and I must say it is very easy to set up and comes with very useful parental control and safe internet features especially handy if you have kids at home.

Buy this if you are in the following situation:

  • Your internet speed is slow (100 Mbps or less). Mine was 100 Mbps and this Google WiFi really helped boost that speed around my house.

  • You have a big home with square feet of 2500 or more (up to 5000 square feet)

  • Mostly use the internet for watching streaming content and other online stuff like video games.

  • Need a simple device that needs no technical knowledge of networking jargon.

  • Have kids at home and you need a simple WiFi system to control internet access time and use safe search online. (This is important. If you want an easy way to control internet access time for each device that is connected to Google WiFi. Setup usage times for certain times of the day and the pause internet at other times.)

WiFi Booster

Don't buy this:

  • If you have faster internet with speeds of more than 200 Mbps

  • If your home is not that big (1500 square feet or less) such as a single bedroom apartment.

If you like to buy this Google WiFi, now is the time to buy since the price has gotten lower recently!


  • Very easy to setup

  • Great value for your money

  • Awesome Product design

  • Comes with easy to control WiFi app (for iOS and Android devices)

  • Easy to use Parental control using WiFi App

  • Pause Internet to a specific device (kids iPad, Laptop, etc..) for a particular duration of the day.


  • Not really I can think of :-)

Ratings: 4.5 stars more than 12, 000 ratings (no surprise there!)

Alright! See it yourself - go to Google Wi-Fi product page and get this awesome device to improve your WiFi connection speed throughout your home and also have good parental control of internet access time for your kids.

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