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Geb and Nut - All about them and more!

Updated: Jul 25

Who are Geb and Nut?

Geb is the earth god and Nut is the sky god in Egyptian civilization. Geb, a daughter of Shu and Tefnut is the opposite as you can see here.

Who was Geb?


(Seb, Keb)

(Seb, Gebb, Keb, Kebb)

Geb is also a brother and husband of Nut.

Who was the goddess Nut?

Nut (Nuit)

The goddess Nut is commonly portrayed as a woman who wears on her head a vase of water. This woman's hands and feet as portrayed as touching the ground so that her body forms a shape of semi-circle if you like. Not a semi-circle exactly but you see the visualization here. This resembles heaven. The sky is supported by her four pillars which are the two hands and two legs.

Ged, her husband lies on the floor (ground) resting on one elbow and then his knees up in the air. Thus, he depicts the hills and valleys of the earth land. When Shu raised Nut (which is the sky) above Geb (the earth), it was believed that he did bring chaos to an end and if he ever leaves this body posture (position), chaos would come back. There are several other myths that can be read it here.

Why were Geb and nuts separated?

Although both Geb and Nut were born holding each others arms together, they were separated by their father Shu, the air.

Who are the 5 children of Nut and Geb?

The five children of Nut and Geb are:

  1. Osiris, this day was considered unlucky

  2. Horus the Elder, this day was described as either lucky or unlucky

  3. Seth, considered an unlucky day

  4. Isis, lucky day, is called "a beautiful festival of heaven and earth."

  5. Nephthys, unlucky day

What powers did Nut have?

Just like other Egyptian gods, Nut had the following strengths:

  1. superhuman strength (Class 25)

  2. longevity

  3. resistance to injury.

What powers did Geb have?

Geb also has the standard powers of a god although his specialty is earth magic.

  • Geokinesis- As the God of Earth, he has divine and absolute control of the earth. ...

  • Chlorokinesis: As the God of Earth, he has absolute control and divine authority over plants and all forms of vegetation.