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Fluz App Voucher Referral Code CASHBACK100 - Get 6 Free Vouchers

Updated: 2 days ago

fluz referral code for mobile app

Sign-up today for the Fluz app with referral code CASHBACK100 which gets you 6 free vouchers from Fluz which is the top-rated cashback app. This is the most used and rated the best code by new users and also returning users and they are happy to see it works for them. Go ahead and try it. Let me know if it worked for you. Enjoy!

I have used many cashback apps but Fluz is quite amazing and I found it better than others. Fluz gives you 35% cashback on your first order when you download it today with this promotional link. If you already have the app, enter this promotional code CASHBACK100 to get this offer. No wonder this is the most used referral code in Reddit that all are sharing before this expires soon. So hurry up!

Look how simple and straightforward it is to earn cashback in most stores whether you shop online or in-store.

Step 1

Shop like you usually do at your favorite stores.

Step 2

Once you are at the checkout, note down the exact checkout amount you are going to pay, and then enter that amount in your Fluz mobile app. Pay Fluz and get your Fluz gift card code.

Step 3

Now use your Fluz gift card code to the checkout cashier in-store or if you are shopping, just enter this code during checkout

Step 4

Get cashback in a few days! As simple as that!

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Invite your friends and earn even more!

Another very cool thing about Fluz is that you can earn referral money by inviting your friends. When your friends sign-up with your code and earn cashback, you get a cashback on what they purchased. It is a win-win! It does not stop here. When your friends invite their friends, you get cashback too!

Fluz referral program pays you for purchases made by friends of your friends whom you invited in the first place.

Withdrawing your earned cashback is also simple. You only need your PayPal email address and you can get your money deposited in a few hours! At the time of this writing, Fluz accepts these methods of payment - Paypal is my favorite.

Fluz app payment methods

[Tip: Referral code CASHBACK100 unlocks 6 free in-app vouchers for up to 35% cash back at places like Chipotle, CVS, Starbucks, Spotify, and so many more popular stores. Each vouchers gives you 35% cash back on the first $10 you spend at select stores! That's 3 times 35% cashback!!!]

Is the Fluz cashback app secure? How does it work?

Read how secure the Fluz app is when compared to using a regular credit or debit card.

Watch this short video to learn how the Fluz cashback app works:


Fluz will save you hundreds in cashback every year and it is much easier and more rewarding than any other app I have used before. Download Fluz today and let the earning and saving start today!

[Use CASHBACK100 to get the new user sign-up bonus - 6 free vouchers! That is even more savings and more cashback in your wallet]

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