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Cypress Dashboard

Updated: Jun 30

Cypress dashboard

What is Cypress Dashboard and how it works?

Cypress dashboard is an optional add-on for your Cypress Test Runner that helps you visually see the test results in an easy-to-consume dashboard view. It shows the results at a quick glance.

You can see all of the following features using this dashboard;

  • A glance at a number of tests that failed or passed

  • See stack trace of a failed test.

  • See screenshots for failed tests.

  • Control who can access the recorded test details

  • Play a recorded video of the entire test execution.

  • Control who can access the recorded test details.

Here's a nice overview video showing a good example:

Why do I need the Dashboard?

Right now if you are running a handful of Cypress tests in your local machine, you can see what test passed or failed without using Cypress dashboard. But when your tests scale to 100s and 1000s which run in Jenkins CI pipeline, for example, to run in parallel in a cloud environment across multiple machines, it is very thought to take a quick glance and see which test failed and how long it is being failed. This is where Cypress Dashboard comes to reuse and shows you a brief summary of test status, stack trace, videos, and other useful features.

How can I integrate Cypress Test Runner with Cypress Dashboard?

The integration between these two requires the following two setups:

  1. Enabling test recording in your project

  2. Execute Cypress test in CI with the --record flag

How much does it cost?

The free edition costs you nothing but it will let you use it for only 3 users and viewing a maximum of 500 est results. For up-to-date pricing information, visit their site.

What information does the Cypress Dashboard capture?

It captures the following:

  • Standard Output

  • Test Failures

  • Screenshots

  • Video

As of this writing, Cypress is planning to release the following features soon.

  • Commands

  • Network Traffic

  • Browser Console Logs

What happens when I hit the test results limit?

Once you reach your account limit, you can still continue to record test results to the dashboard using the --record flag. When the limit is reached parallelization will not be available for you and any test results you run from then on will not be shown in the dashboard until your plan is reactivated/upgraded or a new usage cycle start (usage cycle resets each month).

More FAQs and answers to them can be found here.

Check out this live Cypress Dashboard and you will get the look and feel and see if it suits your dashboard needs.

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