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Top Grocery Cash Back Apps - Save Money On Groceries

Updated: Apr 12

top cashback apps for grocery

These are the best cashback apps for groceries that save you money in the US and in Canada where applicable. If you are shopping for groceries online or at a supermarket, there are apps that will save you money for most items and reward you with cashback. All you need to do is download the app and simply scan your grocery receipt and see the cashback in your account in a day or two. Let us go through the list of the best cashback apps that let you earn cashback effortlessly on groceries.

1) Ibotta

IBotta mobile app

Join Ibotta today and get the best cashback! Save up to $300 or more every year!

App Features:

Earn cashback whether you are shopping online or in-store with this app called Ibotta. Using this app or the browser toolbar, you will get a lot of opportunities to earn cash back on everyday purchases such as groceries, clothing, pet supplies, etc. Install the app on your smartphone or if you are using a computer, install the browser toolbar and you are ready to earn cashback!

You can get the best cashback you ever experienced in your shopping routine whether it is every day or every other week. Earn cashback with 500+ exclusive offers at your favorite grocers and delivery services. Using this app you can also get rebates at hundreds of non-grocery retailers also.

Sign-up bonus:

When you join as a new user, you will get a $20 bonus! Join Ibotta today and get the best cashback!

2) Receipt Hog

receipt hog photo

App Features:

Using this app, you can earn cash back for everyday shopping like you normally do. Earn coins and then redeem them for cash with PayPal or a gift card.

Some of the ways you can earn coins:

- Buy at any store, restaurant, or cafe and use the app’s camera to snap a photo of the receipt

- Some receipts will get you with Hog Slots spins which you can use to win big coin prizes

- Regularly upload receipts every week to earn bonuses and more chances to win coins

- Continue to upload receipts to level up and then earn additional bonus rewards!

- Every qualifying receipt will also reward you an entry into monthly sweepstakes with big coin prizes

- Participate in surveys and answer questions about your household topics to earn even more coins

- Also, earn coins and monthly sweepstakes entries by simply signing up to send receipts for online purchases

Sign up bonus:

No sign-up bonus at the time of this writing

3) GetUpside

With GetUpside, you can earn get cashback deals on gas, earn cash back on groceries, and restaurants. Especially, if you are commuting to work or using your car or SUV for any traveling, this is a must-have cash app.

Learn how you can save on gas by visiting this link.

You can easily save up to 35% at restaurants and 15% at grocery stores near you and all that using this free app. No credit or debit to apply. No needs to earn points. Just download this app, scan your gas or grocery receipt, and see how you can start earning cashback quickly. You can save around $300 in one year in cashback on gas alone!

Sign up bonus:

You can get a bonus of 45 cents per gallon if you download using this link GetUpside App.

4) BeFrugal

BeFrugal grocery cashback app

How does BeFrugal Cash Back work?

Earn Cash Back by simply logging into your BeFrugal account. You then find retailers that pay Cash Back on BeFrugal. Now, click on the 'Shop Now' button or on any Cash Back eligible coupon or deal and you will be taken to the retailer's website. When you complete your purchase, Cash Back will be added to your BeFrugal account within 7 days.

Sign up bonus:

Get a $10 sign-up bonus once you earn $10 in cash back. Get this offer when you join using this link.

5) mobile app screenshot

This app is very cool. Just download the app or you can go to to print coupons using your printer. You might prefer downloading the free app and then simply search and find digital coupons from grocery stores, pharmacies, and many other retailers. If you have a loyalty card, you can add a coupon to your card (plastic membership card) and use it when you check out at the store.

Sign-up bonus:

None available as of now.


Regularly uploading your grocery will save you more and at the end of the year, you will see that you have saved hundreds in cashback on groceries. This is all savings for doing nothing!