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Best Blogging Tips For Beginners

Updated: Jan 1

As a beginner blogger, you might be wondering what are the best ways to put out your work and follow those good practices to make your blog shine out. While there are a number of tips and tricks, not all need to be a must for everyone. Some tips depend on the type of niche you are blogging. A blog on photography is completely different when compared to a blog on pottery. Whatever is your niche, the following are the commonly used best tips for great blogging.

1) Think like a visitor

Understanding what your blog visitors want is the fundamental way to create content that your visitors will love to read. Go to social media and ask about what they need to know, what questions they need to want answers for. If people respond a lot and respond positively to your tweet or port, that is the topic you have to go after and provide them with additional content in a blog post.

2) Blog what's on your mind

blogging is such a relief for me personally when I express my opinion or explain something that I am interested in. Don't worry about what your visitor might think about posts.

3) Build an email list

One of the sure ways to get your visitors to revisit your site is to stay in touch with them using an email campaign. Frist, enabled form submission on your website where users can submit their email. You can also set up an RSS feed so they can subscribe to the feed.

Once this is set up, your can reach to your email list of customers/subscribers and let them know of your promotional content, paid content such as your books, or any interesting lob posts that are coming up in near future. This gets subscribers excited about new things and keeps them reminded o your brand and your blog.

4) Keep in touch

Keeping touch, reach out to your visitors and this lets them know you value their time. You make them feel important and in turn, you get their support. Your visitors come back again for valued content that relates to them and they share this with their friends and families and this lets your blog grow.

5) Give free stuff

Free is always welcome since now you have an established blog. Your visitor already welcome free - so that is what you should be willing to give away. This will make your visitors appreciate it while your free stuff makes them come back again and again. In other scenarios, free stuff will encourage new visitors to share their email in exchange for free valued stuff that helps them. This way you get their email for future follow-up and keeping in touch, selling more content, etc, while they get free stuff that they find very useful and share this with others. It is a win-win!

6) Keep blogging a habit

Initially, it might not feel good to blog twice or thrice every week. But that is what most people give up when they start blogging. If you can just start one blog every month, then build up the momentum, by posting every week. Then, weekly blogging becomes a habit or routine. A good routine because you are building your content that is getting bigger but also it has value. Remember, quality is preferred over quantity. A quality blog post a week is better than a random blog every day.

7) Be patient

It takes some months or even years before your blog gets that much-needed traffic or ranking. Blog regularly and use the SEO best practices for blogging. In no time you will see an increase in traffic. This traffic increases gradually in the beginning months but then picks once your blog gets more and more content related to your niche.

8) Get a good blogging platform

Starting with a good blogging platform is the right way to start your blog. Site like Bluehost or Wix offers the best blogging platform. Investing in a good blogging platform gives you a smooth and efficient blog site that performs well even under a heavy traffic situation. Eventually, it also helps in blog rank in Google search results.

9) Use tools to check quality and make life easy

Don't try to be perfect. Still, you can do your best to create a quality blog post that is free from typos, etc.. You should use spellcheck browser add-ins such as Grammarly, which catches any typos or grammar mistakes you might have accidentally made while writing your blog.

There are way more tools than you might guess which help in your routine blogging. Use text to speech tools for easy typing for example.

10) Use high-quality images

When you write a blog post, people feel it easy to follow along when you show relevant images. make sure they are of good quality and copyright-free. In the long run, you might want to consider a paid image sites where you can buy copyright-free images at reasonable costs.

Some of the very popular free photo-sharing site is Unsplash. I go there often to get images for my blog, for free!

11) Measure your progress

Use Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from and what pages they are most viewing over a period of weeks or months. Google Analytics is a popular tool used by many around the world to track their website traffic and see the site performance analytics very easily.

12) Use catchy headlines

Use effective titles that catch the attention of anyone who searches for topics related to your blog.

13) Visit other blogs and comment there

Make it a habit to visit other blogs and comment there. This will get the site known to others who see your comments which in turn brings extra traffic and it also allows free publicity. It surely grows your brand and build awareness of your niche.


Blogging needs a good start and if you have followed the above mentioned tips, you are on right track .Now all you need to do start blogging and keep it that way. Good luck!

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