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The Best Sites And Channels For Free Accurate Astrology: Complete List

Updated: Apr 25

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Is the new year coming soon? You like me must be curious as to what the future holds for you in the astrological sense. Millions of people around the world love astrology and it is just fascinating for me how it predicts based on all the planetary positions.

Now, most people usually do a Google search to find an astrology site and get the daily, weekly, or yearly forecast. While there are hundreds of such astrology sites, not all are free, and not all give you a forecast that is accurate and detailed.

If you are tired of searching, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I am going to share with you the greatest astrology sites that are very accurate in my personal experience and some of them are totally free! I will also cover YouTube astrologers with whom I have a good experience.

1) Paramdhaam

Paramdhaam is truly an awesome free astrology site that I came to know many years back and still use for getting my yearly, monthly, and even weekly forecast. This site has everything you need to get your free astrology forecast for your sign.

paramdhaam astrology website

This cool site even offers you other free services such as Horoscope matching & Analysis and Torat Card predictions!

[Find your rising(ascendent) sign:]

2) Astrology Zone

Astrologer Susan Miller's Astrology Zone is another great site where I go every month to get my monthly readings. The monthly readings are very detailed spanning several pages. It also gives you a quick summary of the monthly reading is good if you are in a hurry. It also has a daily horoscope section if you want to get a daily scoop of what's coming ahead for your sign.

3) Cafe Astrology

Cafe Astrology is your go-to site to check your astrology forecast, whether it is your daily or monthly forecast. It has a neat calendar section where you can click on your birthday and you will see the forecast for the entire year ahead!

You can get your natal chart at Cafe Astrology. Apart from these, there are lots of goodies at this site like you can get your free numerology report, Mars sign table, and so much more! It is like you can spend the entire day at this site and still mesmerized with all the facts you will get to learn about your sign, for free!

Astrologer YouTube Channels:

1) Bracha Goldsmith

As the channel says, "Astrology with Bracha is uplifting, inspiring and energizing.", it is indeed very uplifting while you listen to her forecast. I listen to her monthly forecast and find all her monthly forecasts were direct and simple to understand. No wonder her channel has close to 350k subscribers at the time of this writing.

2) Lada Duncheva

Lada Duncheva's astrology forecast is also very detailed and interesting to listen to. No wonder her channel has close to 260k subscribers at the time of this writing. This female astrologer has a team of astrologers, physic readers, numerologists, and many more specialists who make appearances on her channel videos which makes it even more interesting to watch. I like this variety of experts sharing their expertise with the viewers.

3) Nadiya Shah

Another great channel for astrology if you like to listen to Nadiya's great review of what's going to come in the future based on planet positions. She also has a nice SuperStar membership that is at a great low price worth buying if you are interested.

4) KRSchannel - Learn Astrology

Last but not the least, KRS channel is one of the recent addition to my favorite astrology channel. This channel has all the videos you can find. Go back to your rising sign chart and see what planets are in all of the houses. Let's says you have Saturn in the 7th house in your rising sign. Then search for that "Saturn in 7th house in <your_rising_sign>", you will definitely find a video on that in this YouTube channel. It is amazing how KRS covers all possible planets in all houses.

There are so many other favorites of mine as following. Check them out too because they are also very nice astrology channels.

Terence Guardino

Patrick Arundell Astrology

Annie Botticelli

Stormie Grace


In the last 1 or 2 years, I am seeing a lot of new astrologers on YouTube and they are pretty good at explaining the weekly and monthly astrology forecasts. Sure enough, their subscriber s is increasing over time. So, browse around and find your favorite astrologer channel and enjoy their videos! As far as the websites, there are many new astrology sites every now and then and they are doing good. But I didn't have the time to research all of them. Hope you find my blog post helpful. Share your favorite site or YouTube channel for astrology in the comment section below.

Find out what your ascendant sign is by visiting this site.

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