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Best Referral Sites You Can Use To Earn Some Extra Cash Quickly

Top referral programs that are worth signing up for and get rewarded for your efforts.

If you know what a referral program is, you can skip the next paragraph and jump straight to the top 10 referral programs I experience the greatest reward. So let's get started by briefly explaining what a referral program is. A referral program is a rewards program that companies offer to use for referring their products to others including family and friends. When you use an app or a service, you are a customer and companies want you to spread the word so others can also use that service or app and get benefited.

Of course, no one is going to remember to do this unless they remember out of all other 1010 things. But if your companies say they will reward you a percentage of a flat reward fee of $5 or 410 for every friend you refer, you will surely refer the next time you have a conversation with your friend or a good neighbor!

You get a referral code that you share with your friends and family. When you do it gets tracked and your get rewarded with points or money which you can redeem as a gift card or Paypal or a regular check in the mail.

Now, these are the top 10 referral programs that are purely profitable if you do your part which is easy -spreading the word and giving you referral code.

1) Fluz App

Fluz is a cashback app that gives you 35% cashback when you shop online or in-store. It has an unlimited refer program where you can refer as many people as you can. Each person you refer will get three 35% cashback vouchers on their 3 future purchases using this app. You get a percentage of all their rewards that they earn using the Fluz app and you keep hearing this referral as long as they use this app! Do me a favor - download this app now and you won't regret it.

Read more about this app in this post and also see some promo codes there to get you started.

2) GetUpside Gas App

GetUpside is an app that gives you cashback when you get gas. If you have to travel right now, use this app to get cashback - save $350 or more every year on gas and food! Read my complete review of this app here.

Save on gas! This is a free app. Watch this 3 min video and see the app in action. They have an awesome referral program. For every person you refer, you and your friend both get 15 cents per gallon extra cashback on your next gas fill-up! But wait, why not you being with a better offer. Right now, if you use promo code RAMESH863 you get 20 cents per gallon which is better than the 15 cents per gallon offer. So, get started today. Download the app using this promotional link and start referring today and get some extra cash!

3) Rakuten

You can get a $40 welcome bonus when you spend $40. To get this offer join Rakuten using this special link. Once you join, you get a referral code for yourself. For each person you refer, your friend and yourself get a $40 bonus! This always works in the US, try it out today! Download now and see the rewards for yourself!

Read more about my review of Rakuten here.

4) Ibotta

Whether you are shopping online or in-store, you will always save money with this cashback app called Ibotta. Join and you can refer friends to get some extra cash! Download now and use promo code UCPYJCI and get a $10 deposit in your account! It does not stop there. Now you can refer too and get $10 or more in extra cash! Download this mobile app now and start earning referral money!

5) SwagBucks

This cashback app has a referral program which is just like Ibotta when it comes to referral programs. Every friend you refer gets a $10 bonus deposited in their account. You too get $10 for each friend you refer!. So, don't wait - download today using this link and get started with a $10 bonus in your Swagbucks account! deposit in your account! It does not stop there. Click here to go to the Swagbucks website and register as a new user and start earning Swagbucks.


The good thing about these referral programs is that they are unlimited - you can refer as many people as you can. The best part is that it is a win-win. You get to use the product and get referrals. Your referrals get bonus sign-up money and they get happy too! So, it is a 100% guilt-free act. So, indulge in and good luck in your referral journey.

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