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Best Mouse For Your PC And Mac

person using a computer with wireless keyboard and mouse

If you are tired of searching for a good mouse that lasts long and quiet, read further. I will list the top computer mouse products. I have tried some of them and they worked for me. You will surely like one of these.

1) ShhhMouse Wireless Silent Noiseless Clickless Mobile Optical Mouse

This is a very nice mouse that is very quiet. When I bought it, I found it to be easy to click and scroll. It was very very quiet. Also, it lasted long for 2 years and I am still using it. You can read more than 4.5-star reviews from more than 200 customers who bought this item here.

Click here to read more reviews. This mouse is very low price under $12 dollars and worth the buy for your home office or for your everyday computer work.

2) Dell Wireless Computer Mouse

This mouse from Dell is very comfortable to use. Sometime back I bought it for my family member and they liked it a lot. This mouse is not very quiet like the one I mentioned above but still, it is a close match. It is fairly quiet and one cannot hear anything practically.

Click here to read the 4.5-start rated by around 2500 customers. That many people who bought this mouse cannot be wrong. So click here to read the reviews for yourself and see the product features that you will love.

Now let's talk about something more serious. Are you looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, and brand mouse at a great deal?

Then consider this keyboard and mouse combo from Dell. To be honest, I feel the mouse and keyboard should be of the same brand. It not only looks matching good but also quite handy to use since they play well together when used on a PC or Mac computer.

a 4.5-star from over 3500 customers must be a good product. I have bought this personally and I am completely satisfied with the quiet operation of both the keyboard and the mouse.

So there you have it. Read the reviews of this keyboard and mouse combo here. You will be convinced that it an awesome product that is of professional quality and awesome design and also very quiet operation.


Personally, I believe that you will be totally satisfied with buying any of these above mouse products. They last long and silent in operation.

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