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Best Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Updated: May 16

screenshot of Chrome Browser Extension in chrome browser

In this post, you will get to know some of the awesome, free, and best google chrome browser extensions. They will save you time, money, and more!

Earth VPN

If you are surfing the web online, you are vulnerable to hackers and pirates stealing your information. TO protect yourself, you should install VPN software which usually not free. There are paid VPN services where you can pay and get a secure VPN connection. Apart from paid VPN services, you also have free services that offer you similar VPN protection when you are using the internet.

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One such free VPN software is Earth VPN. It is the best chrome VPN extension that is free. Yes, it is software that gets installed on your chrome browser (browser extension). Once you install this, you get a secure VPN connection and your data remains secure. Earth VPN acts as a proxy between you and the internet. It then offers the privacy of your data sent over the internet by securing your data and the data is sent via a secure network.

Another great feature of Earth VPN is that it allows you to reach a website that is blocked in your country. It hides your IP and thereby unblocking the blocked sites.

Thousands of users giving 4+ star rating goes to show that this extension really works well and you should try it today.


To put it in simple layman terms; Earth VPN offers privacy when you surf online and also enables you to access blocked websites in your country. It does no share your computer address or the country where you live. Simply a secure VPN network where you remain safe when you surf the web. Anything you do whether it is checking your email, uploading a photo, or watching a movie online, your activity is secured. The best of it is that it comes with zero cost - completely free! Download it here. Earth VPN's website has everything you need to know.

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