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Best Automatic Soap Dispenser 2021 - Touchless with Sponge Holder and Soap Dispensing Brush

Updated: May 19

Soap dispensers are an essential item in your kitchen. You know how frequently you need to wash your hands using soap especially during the busy morning hours, cooking and feeding the kids, or the dinner time where you do the dishes, cook diner, etc. A handy hand-wash is always helpful and the one that dispenses automatically is even much better!

Look no further! This automatic soap dispenser from K&BATH is a great product for your kitchen. Well, it is tempting for me to consider this as a gift but yes you got the pint. Go ahead and read the reviews that are awesome -yes, a 4.5-star rating from hundreds of customers means this is worth your time to look into and buy one for yourself. Your busy hands could need a cool product like this.

SO what makes this product so special. Let's read its features:

Product Features:

  • This auto soap dispenser holds 280 mL of soap and can be used for liquids soaps, alcohol, and gel hand sanitizer for hand sanitizing washing hands, or do dishes fast and clean.

  • It also comes with a small, easy-to-carry, and ergonomic scrubbing brush that can be filled with liquid soaps and all you have to do is a gentle push of the button on the top to release the soap through the bristles. That's it! You can now wash the dishes or clean the sink or vanity easily.

  • This no-touch soap dispenser comes with a simple +/- control button to let you switch the liquid volume in every squirt and this saves excess soap whether you or your kids or anyone in your family is using it regularly.

  • It also comes with a black heat-resistant, waterproof silicone sponge holder. It keeps your soap and scrubs brush well organized and also supports sponges, scrubbers, or bar soap.


This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is best for your kitchen and bathroom and it is also a good buy for restaurants and hotels. This cool automatic dispenser help reduce the spread of impurities since it gives you an easy way to wash hands.

Click here to read the reviews for yourself and see how great this product is!

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