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"Address Not Found" Gmail Outage And Other Outages?!!

Updated: Feb 22

Google email - outage error

Having problems sending an email using Gmail? Recently I saw this surprising error I saw when sending an email to an email address that I used to send often. After hitting the send button, I got a reply back saying "Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

After doing a quick Google search, it looks like there was a partial Gmail outage that was causing this issue. Glad it was a partial outage. Image what would happen if were a more widespread outage? Hope that is not going to happen. Funny how I used Google to find out about Google's own partial email service outage.

Now, thinking about these outages. They are now a part of life we accept to live with them. I think especially when we live in a more complex internet that has a mix of cloud-based services, use of multi-clouds, micro-services that are distributed across the world, and whatnot. I wonder if Bill Gates has any predictions on these outages - he probably will say we have to live with it just like the pandemic?! Maybe, maybe not.

Even other big companies like AWS experience outages or some service gone down for any hours or that CloudWatch is not delivering a message on time due to a partial outage or something. I don't even remember the cause because there are so many events in so many products which makes me think the users have to have a backup plan or something.

It's like the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" - because if that basket breaks, all your eggs are gone! I am not saying put eggs in more than one basket. Put the basket in an unbreakable case or buy a bigger basket or something.

What I mean is have an option to send an email using another email address or send a text message. Have a retry option when your application is using cloud services so they can retry or even worse they can back up the data in case of an outage.


So yes that's my frustration from these outages. Who knew sending an email to your best buddy and receiving "address not found" is not working all of a sudden! Maybe these companies like Gmail, AWS, and others should send a user-friendly message like "Don't panic/worry, your data is not lost. There was an error completing your request - probably caused by an outage or temporary maintenance going on on our side. Nothing wrong on your side."

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