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7 Beginner Pinterest Tips For Driving More Blog Traffic

Updated: Mar 13

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Whatever may be your niche, you, as a blogger want traffic. Gone are the days where you want to hire a marketing expert who is a cool SEO guy who charges you $$ every hour of service.

Reaching customers has never so much straightforward and open. Google for "rapid Pinterest traffic" and get millions of links. I can tell you there are so many resources out there that tell you all sorts of tips and tricks.

The problem with those tips is that they are valid for a limited time. I mean with Pinterest making changes to its algorithm quite often every year, I want to tell you the solid step that helps grow your Pinterest market.

Those tips are not any works-now-and-not-later tips. These are solid tips that are time-tested and valid anytime in the future which will help drive traffic to your business. Without any further delay, let's jump into our seven solid tips to grow your Rapid Pinterest traffic which in turn brings visitors to your blogger.

Tip # 1: Go Professional

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No matter what is your niche, you want to put that money into your beloved hobby which is blogging of course. Get a premium website from WIX or BlueHost. Don't just go for Blogspot or that freebee website that pops up "Please register our site".

Later when you get lots of traffic and earn Ad revenue, you might want to consider investing in email marketing tools to get to make your customer email list which can then be used to send tips/tricks/useful nugget emails. Those emails are the keys to your visited heart. Your imagination is the limit when you use them for your side hustle marketing like your own book publishing, Amazon affiliate products, or even your own products to sell to them.

Tip #2: Be consistent

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Set a habit of pinning every day - at least every other day, really. Even if you can do 1 Pin, do it every day. I started pinning every other day and it was tough in the beginning, but as time goes on, you get used to it. Consistent pinners get traction pretty fast compared to others who pin once in a while.

Tip # 3: Do invest some money initially

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If you are a beginner or even a quite-sometime-Pinterest-user, you know the value of time. Pinning every day or so is not an easy job. That is why services like Tailwind comes in handy. Click this special link to get a $15 account credit. With Tailwind, you can schedule your pins up to 2 or more months in advance. Just schedule and forget it, Tailwind will do the pinning for you at various times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, late evening, etc..) You can even set your own time!

Also, invest in Canva, a super-easy-to-use online pin design tool, which lets you create pin templates. Once you create your first pin, you can reuse that as your template for your future pins. Join Canva today!

Tip # 4: Keep it simple

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Keep the number of boards to a maximum of 5 or 6. Having 100s of boards might get a lot of views but it eventually going to make Pinterest seen them as spam or unuseful when it comes to consistent views. More boards = less quality. Quality is more important than quantity and it is very true when it comes to Pinterest boards!

Tip # 5: Keep blogging - not just pinning

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Some get carried away with their wonderful pins and try to make many variations of one pin. This is good but not useful if all those pins point to the same URL. Say you have 5 blog posts. You create 25 pins for each URL and so 100 pins for your 5 URLs. This might sound smart-easy-peasy but definitely not Pinterest-smart.

Get into the habit of writing two blog posts every week. Then, you can pin 5 pins for each new blog post.

Tip # 6: Read, understand, and get wiser

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Go to Pinterest and do a sample search for your niche keywords. Look at the suggested keywords, those auto-fill suggestions in the Pinterest search box. Check out the top pins shown in the search results. Open those and see what is written in their pin, title, and description. Don't forget the hashtags used in their pins. Read them, understand and experiment the same with your pins.

The more you do this, then you will see a pattern, common themes across various pins. It takes a whole book to write about SEO but when it comes to Pinterest, SEO is Simple-Easy-O!!! One or two keywords dominate most niches. Try to find those for your niche and play around them. You get wiser, smarter, faster, and even more efficient in a short time.

Tip # 7: Work smarter - not harder

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Why not hire a blogger for your site? Well, not an option, now but there are lots of ideas for free you can use. If you are lazy even for typing a page of text like this one. you the following techniques.

Tip # 8: Talk to your computer!

Use a free text-to-speech tool and turn on the microphone and just talk. What you talk about will then be converted to text! You don't have to type a word anymore -especially useful on those rainy days while you sip a cup of coffee and just tell your computer what's on your mind - LOL.

Tip # 9: Paraphrase your own posts!

Why not - if you can add color and spin a new twist of your existing posts - go ahead. But be careful of the quality again. Add another tip, another image, or make it even more interesting by changing the style of telling your story a little.

The more pages your blog has still had do to with those SEO keywords. So, play around and try different keywords in different versions of your similar-topic-pages.


Last but not least - set your goals and note down your progress every day. Use Google Analytics to regularly checking what pins drive traffic to your pages. Use those power pins and make a slightly different version of it play around. Pretty soon you will master the tiny improvements that will make a big difference in your Pin's views and click - eventually better traffic.

Happy blogging!